Black Pepper Organic Essential Oil - 5 ml


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Black Pepper organic essential oil is a must for every household. This spicy oil  is a powerful antiviral agent, expectorant, and stimulates digestive glands. Known to reduce pain caused by muscle tension and inflammation; headaches, joint pain, muscle soreness. Properties in the oil can help: 

  • with any form of digestive upset
  • improve digestion
  • relieve nausea
  • eliminate gas or bloating
  • clear up skin conditions.  

Additionally, studies have shown that the properties in Black Pepper Essential Oil can help quitting smoking with Black Pepper oil because it can help reduce cravings and anxiety, improve calmness and other respiratory sensations associated with smoking.

Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

Fragrance: Spicy, warm

Part of Plant:  Peppercorn

Suggested Use:  Use in a diffuser or dilute in a carrier oil. 

  • Add a couple of drops to bath water for sore muscles. 
  • Apply topically to cramps, muscle pulls, spasms, etc.

Cultivation:  USDA organic. Certified by CCOF. 

Extraction process:  Steam distillation

Blends well with: Ginger, Carrot seed, Lemon, Bay Laurel, Ravintsara, Niaouli, Tea Tree

Caution:  Skin sensitization may occur if oxidized. To prevent oxidization, store in a dark container in the refrigerator. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place.

Consult an essential oils reference source for suggestion dilution ratios and additional uses.